NA House in Tokyo by Sou Fujimoto Architects

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NA House in Tokyo (4)Japanese architect Sou Fujimoto continues to impress us with his minimalistic, transparent approach to design and architecture. Every project they put together thinks more outside of the box, and the NA House in Tokyo showcases exactly what we are talking about.

This one of a kind multi level residence is based on a steel frame construction that utilizes nothing but glass walls throughout the entire facade. The most creative concept behind the project is the fact that this house is multi level, yet it features no full set of stairs. The home is designed with levels that move up in small increments as you approach the top of the residence. This is one of the those projects you have to check out the video below to truly understand the concept behind the NA House.

NA House in Tokyo (3)

NA House in Tokyo (2)

NA House in Tokyo (1)

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