AK47’s ‘Zerino’ Coffee Table

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AK47 Zerino Table (3)
A coffee table can turn out to be such a personal purchase. Finding just the right one can turn to be such a struggle when it comes to color, size, shape and material– and with all of the options out there these days it can make people scared to pick just one.

The Zerino coffee table is one of the more practical tables we’ve seen for 2012, and with it’s slim profile and thin edges it makes that perfectly understated statement that gets it noticed without being overbearing.

AK47 defines it as, “Zerino is unobtrusive to the eye and useful when needed. Thin and graceful, it cleverly fits the strategic points of the house by adapting to different environments, with personality but without intrusiveness. Its content tells stories that are always different, from the magic of fire to the pleasure of reading.”

The table comes in three different finishes: rust, white and black. It’s also supplied with the bioethanol burner kit to create that little circle of fire to provide just enough light to make the mood right. Zerino is about 48″ round and sits at an astonishing 10 inches off the floor. Talk about low profile.

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