Studio Drift Design’s ‘Flylight’ in Moscow Residence

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Studio Drift Flylight Moscow (6)
Netherlands design team Studio Drift has a strong sense of belief in focusing on the “immaterial”– or getting people back to a simpler time; not so built up around the hustle and bustle of everyday life. These forward thinkers simulate majority of their design solutions in lighting, with one of their most renowned being the Flylight.

Flylight is a grouping of about 200 (give or take) tubes of light, each comprised of their own digital DNA to create various lighting sequences. The tubes carry sensors individually, which work with a computer to work the electronic elements. The stunning fixture is all based on how real birds fly in a flock, never staying in the same composition due to their natural survival instincts.

The DNA that was built up in this lighting system emulates that of birds in nature, and the beauty of the digital DNA is to keep the Flylight from ever repeating itself. An installation in a Moscow home extends from the first to second story, and was programmed to respond to movement on the stairs.

The video below showcases a similar Flylight installation and how it responds in an interior environment.

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