Ryue Nishizawa Created Vertical Garden House In Tokyo

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Tokyo Vertical Garden House (7)It’s no secret that as people we like to be connected to the outdoors. We gravitate to sunlight and architect Ryue Nishizawa found a great way to bring a Tokyo resident closer to the outdoors– literally.

This vertical garden home possesses no exterior façade, it is all lined with plants and glass with movable curtain walls that are inset away from the street to further communicate the outdoorsy feel of this four story home.

The floor plan is pretty open, with no interior walls. The floors are separated by concrete slabs with circular cutouts for the simplistic staircases. The spaces extrude from the living and kitchen areas up to the first bedroom, then bathroom. A second bedroom comes next with a roof terrace at the top of the building. There lies a tiny room that can be storage or a guest room.

It’s so integrated to the outdoors that it is hard to tell what this space actually is from the exterior.

Tokyo Vertical Garden House (8)


Tokyo Vertical Garden House (1)




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